Jeff Weinberg, M.Ed, M.Ph, NHA, BCPA

I am a Board certified health care patient advocate and have been in business for about 5 years. My business has continued to grow but I felt I was losing business because of my hourly rate charges. Clients valued my service, when they needed it, but did not always use it to the extent that I might have had to help them.

I had met Ann through a networking event several years ago and contacted her regarding my dilemma. WE met together for about 6 sessions. During that time, she structured many thought provoking questions to help me as well as her grasp the full extent of my concerns.

She then put together a proposal for how to restructure my rates, by bundling them into several packages. By doing this, I was now able to capture more revenue.

I would highly recommend Ann to any one who needs some help with their business. She was a pleasure to talk with and easily grasps what you are trying to accomplish. I have talked with other people prior to Ann, put they were unable to help.

Ann gets It!!!!!!

Jeff Weinberg, M.Ed, M.Ph, NHA, BCPAPresidentCaregiver Champion

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