Get Stuff Done That Matters

Achieve your goals (Instead of just setting them!)

  • Are you missing a simple process to accomplish more in less time?
  • Do you spend time setting goals, only to miss the mark in reaching them?
  • Are you putting in longer hours with little improved results?
  • Are you ready to make this year different and crush your goals?

Lots of people assume that to be successful, they need to work harder. Being productive is not about putting in more hours—it’s about prioritizing, planning, and executing the most impactful work. We understand. That is the reason we are sharing our Focused Productivity System that is part of our GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER do-it-yourself course.

This course is not about a basic list of productivity tips and tricks.  This is about nailing down a simple system that works for you, using proven strategies for transforming the way you view time and use your Zone of Genius to create quality work that makes you proud.

We don’t bog you down with 40 hours of video to comb through, draining you of your most precious asset – time.

Instead, we provide 4 concise lessons combined with worksheets  to actually show HOW to find what matters to you most and exactly HOW to turn those big ideas into fully formed projects. In this DIY course, you get easy-to-complete templates to create your own streamlined work process.

This course includes:

  • step by step instructions to design your best work schedule
  • actionable strategies to stay energized throughout the day, month and year.
  • templates for all activities that become useful planning tools
  • goal setting system that keeps you focused to achieve real results.
The 4 lessons provides you with a blueprint for:
  1. Using our STAR Goal Setting System™ you define the business annual goals that fit with your over-arching business big-picture purpose.
  2. Learning how to break down annual goals into smaller focused goals that can be reached in 90-day periods.
  3. Learning the secret strategy for setting work priorities and spend focused time on high-payoff activities.
  4. Discovering your unique Zone of Genius.
  5. Mastering the After-Action Review system to analyze each 90-day sprint before moving to the next.


Try our easy to use Productivity System. Only $49!

Try our easy to use Productivity System.
Only $49!
What people say:

What people say…

With the GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER course, I was able to transform my business operations into a more focused implementation process with clear goals that move my business to the next level. Having the 90-day productivity system in place allows me to open a second revenue stream to serve a new market! Tracy, North Pittsburgh Greeting Company.

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