Instead of setting goals, isn’t it time you achieve your goals?

  • Dr. Ann GattyAre you missing a simple work process to get the important things done?
  • Do you spend time setting goals, only to miss the mark in reaching them?
  • Are you putting in longer hours with little improved results?
  • Are you ready to make this year different  and crush your goals?

Join me in my popular 4-part Master Class series: “GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER”

I know your time is valuable, so I created an easy-to-follow Master Class series that gives you a simple work process that when implemented accelerates your effective productivity.  Once you learn this sequential process, it’s easy to replicate.  You’ll witness  more effective and efficient results..  Your efforts will be more focused and rewarding.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Using our STAR Goal Setting System™ you define the business annual goals that fit with your over-arching business big-picture purpose.
  • Learn how to break down annual goals into a smaller focused goal that can be reached in a 90-day time period
  • Learn the secret strategy for setting work priorities and spend focused time on high-payoff activities
  • Discover your unique Zone of Genius
  • Master the After-Action Review system to analyze each 90-day sprint before moving to the next.

Here’s what’s included!

  • Star Goal Setting System                  $500 value
  • Ideal Client Analyzer                         $300 value
  • 4 Weekly Live Coaching Calls        $1,500 value
  • Focused Productivity Blueprint          $695 value
  • Exclusive FB Group Membership     priceless

Total Value:              $2,997


Here’s what we do:

We take a deep dive into your current work systems and see how they align with your long-term vision.  Are they moving you forward at the pace that you want?  Through this process we transform how you plan your strategies so that there is continuous movement forward.  Then we creatively streamline your workflow so that each day you build on the work you did before.  Each quarter is a stepping stone to use as a foundation for the subsequent quarter.  It’s a constructive process, that can be replicated for each new 90-day sprint.  THIS PROGRAM IS GREAT FOR ALL WORKING PROFESSIONALS!


  • Begins: Wednesday, January 15th and continues through February 5th, SPACE IS LIMITED!
  • Time: 10:00 AM, EST- 11:30 AM, EST
  • Scholarships available.  Call 855-284-4448

What clients say about this master class…

The master class, Get Things Done that Matter, definitely was a great value for the money for three mission-critical reasons. First, it provides tools that will allow me to break planning down into manageable, achievable and trackable segments. Second, the course turned the notion of a business plan from “historical document” to a living, evolving entity. Third, it can be difficult to set aside the time to plan. This course has a nice balance of assignments and participatory class sessions that that made it accessible and enjoyable making it easier to set aside the time. This class would be useful for anyone looking to run a successful business or organization.

Elizabeth BlakelyOwnerLink to Visibility

Through the GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER Master Class series, I was able to transform my business operations into a more focused implementation process with clear goals that move my business to the next level.Having the 90-day productivity system in place allows me to open a second revenue stream to serve a new market!


The online class was fun and well worth the time and money.

Tracy Armstrong, Pittsburgh North Greeting Company

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