Instead of setting goals, isn’t it time you achieve your goals?

  • Dr. Ann GattyAre you missing a simple work process to get the important things done?
  • Do you spend time setting goals, only to miss the mark in reaching them?
  • Are you putting in longer hours with little improved results?
  • Are you ready to make this year different  and crush your goals?

Join me in my popular 4-part Master Class series: “GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER”

I know your time is valuable, so I created an easy-to-follow Master Class series that gives you a simple work process that when implemented accelerates your effective productivity.  Once you learn this sequential process, it’s easy to replicate.  You’ll witness  more effective and efficient results..  Your efforts will be more focused and rewarding.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Using our STAR Goal Setting System™ you define the business annual goals that fit with your over-arching business big-picture purpose.
  • Learn how to break down annual goals into a smaller focused goal that can be reached in a 90-day time period
  • Learn the secret strategy for setting work priorities and spend focused time on high-payoff activities
  • Discover your unique Zone of Genius
  • Master the After-Action Review system to analyze each 90-day sprint before moving to the next.

Here’s what’s included!

  • Star Goal Setting System                  $500 value
  • Ideal Client Analyzer                         $300 value
  • 4 Weekly Live Coaching Calls        $1,500 value
  • Focused Productivity Blueprint          $695 value
  • Exclusive FB Group Membership     priceless

Total Value:              $2,997


Here’s what we do:

We take a deep dive into your current work systems and see how they align with your long-term vision.  Are they moving you forward at the pace that you want?  Through this process we transform how you plan your strategies so that there is continuous movement forward.  Then we creatively streamline your workflow so that each day you build on the work you did before.  Each quarter is a stepping stone to use as a foundation for the subsequent quarter.  It’s a constructive process, that can be replicated for each new 90-day sprint.  THIS PROGRAM IS GREAT FOR ALL WORKING PROFESSIONALS!


  • Begins: Wednesday, January 15th and continues through February 5th, SPACE IS LIMITED!
  • Time: 10:00 AM, EST- 11:30 AM, EST
  • Scholarships available.  Call 855-284-4448

What clients say about this master class…

Dr. Gene Gatty is one of the finest consultants in the USA today. His years of experience and knowledge is beyond approach. I have worked with him for years now and find him an amazing man and consultant. If your business needs help Dr Gatty is the one to go to.

Bill Garrison, B.R. Garrison Software Group

I had the opportunity to work with Ann Gatty and Strategic People Solutions over a 6-month period of time. Ann’s primary focus was on brainstorming, researching, curriculum development and partnering on execution of our Leadership Development Program.  From the get-go, Ann demonstrated dedication, engagement and expertise to this project as if it was the only project she was consulting on.  She provided ideas that were innovative and relevant to our needs as a higher education institution.  Her organizational insights and focused execution contributed greatly to the successful execution of our Leadership Development Program- the first of its kind at Columbia College Chicago.

Norma De JesusAssociate Vice President of Human ResourcesColumbia College Chicago

I am a Board certified health care patient advocate and have been in business for about 5 years. My business has continued to grow but I felt I was losing business because of my hourly rate charges. Clients valued my service, when they needed it, but did not always use it to the extent that I might have had to help them.

I had met Ann through a networking event several years ago and contacted her regarding my dilemma. WE met together for about 6 sessions. During that time, she structured many thought provoking questions to help me as well as her grasp the full extent of my concerns.

She then put together a proposal for how to restructure my rates, by bundling them into several packages. By doing this, I was now able to capture more revenue.

I would highly recommend Ann to any one who needs some help with their business. She was a pleasure to talk with and easily grasps what you are trying to accomplish. I have talked with other people prior to Ann, put they were unable to help.

Ann gets It!!!!!!

Jeff Weinberg, M.Ed, M.Ph, NHA, BCPAPresidentCaregiver Champion

Marc Schwalb, Schooley Mitchell

The master class, Get Things Done that Matter, definitely was a great value for the money for three mission-critical reasons. First, it provides tools that will allow me to break planning down into manageable, achievable and trackable segments. Second, the course turned the notion of a business plan from “historical document” to a living, evolving entity. Third, it can be difficult to set aside the time to plan. This course has a nice balance of assignments and participatory class sessions that that made it accessible and enjoyable making it easier to set aside the time. This class would be useful for anyone looking to run a successful business or organization.

Elizabeth BlakelyOwnerLink to Visibility

Through the GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER Master Class series, I was able to transform my business operations into a more focused implementation process with clear goals that move my business to the next level.Having the 90-day productivity system in place allows me to open a second revenue stream to serve a new market!


The online class was fun and well worth the time and money.

Tracy Armstrong, Pittsburgh North Greeting Company

Dr. Ann Gatty wrote an article for this online resource about “When Is it Time to Pivot to Plan B?” which includes 3 specific points of advice to those looking to succeed.

Marketing Insiders

I contracted with Ann Gatty on the recommendation of a close business connection for assistance in fine-tuning new processes for changes in my business operations. After only three months of engagement, Ann was not only able to assist me with my new processes, but also reaffirmed marketing efforts in my existing business operations, provided me an enhanced view of my ideal client, and offered guidance for better delivery of the mission of my business. Ann has been and will continue to be an excellent asset for development of my business.

Tiffany Nolan, i.e. Insurance

The staff at Northland Public Library work with patrons of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances every day. Good communication skills are critical to successful interactions with our patrons, funders and each other. Learning about different communication styles and corresponding techniques from Dr. Ann Gatty, during our staff development day was helpful to all of our library employees regardless of their position. Hands down everyone loved the Communications session with Beretta the most. They enjoyed having him in the room and felt his presence made everyone happier and better behaved. I had at least three requests that we get a dog for the library. Our staff enjoyed working through the communication style exercises, matching the different styles to the different techniques for communicating with them. They have learned some valuable communication techniques that will be useful whether working with coworkers or the hundreds of people who come through our doors every day. Even though our sessions didn’t focus on leadership, it was fun to see the unexpected leaders emerging from the group exercises. We even had someone who was able to overcome a fear of dogs. She was so proud, she sent photos of herself with Beretta to her family!

Amy Steele, Executive Director, Northland Public Library

Dr. Gene Gatty, with Strategic People Solutions, provided me with consultation services for my company’s successful start-up. He helped not only with identifying the strategic marketing needs for my company, but, he also helped me build much needed self-confidence.  Such confidence has helped me when presenting my ideas to clients and investors.   I selected this company based on its proven track record in the community and their genuine approach for helping others.

Doug Shirley, Owner, Walk the Walk

high mark caring placeOn behalf of the entire staff at Highmark Caring Place, Warrendale, we would like to thank you and Beretta for participating in the Children’s Grief Awareness Day Open House.  It was such a pleasure to see how positively the children, families, and guests interacted with Beretta.  He brought smiles to many faces last night.  We could not have had such a successful event without your participation.

Meghan O’Mahoney MartinVolunteer Services Coordinator


Dr. Ann Gatty presented a webinar for BLR®—Business and Legal Resources in November 2016.

BLR, Business and Legal Resources


Dr. Ann Gatty has contributed articles picked up by the Huffington Post.

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Dr. Ann Gatty is a contributor to the online site Women on Business.


Women on Business


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Ann and Beretta were featured on WTAE for their work at the VA Healthcare facility in Butler.

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Northland-public-LibraryCongratulations to Lois Krebs, who was our lucky winner of a $50 donation prize from the Beretta Fund. The contribution will go to the Foundation’s: Northland Public Library Learning Garden Fund.  Beretta and Dr. Ann were the featured presenters during the library’s staff development day on May 20th.  Lois Krebs has been a library volunteer for 40 years.  Amy Steele, also pictured, is the library’s executive director.

Lois Krebs, Northland Public Library Volunteer

Kandy McCool-Beretta winnerCongratulations to Kandy McCool, a Director with Legal Shield and Identity Theft Protection. She attended a Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce Connections meeting where Beretta and Dr. Ann were the guest presenters. She won a $50 donation certificate from my Beretta’s Heart Fund which was donated to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America.

Learn more about:


Kandy McCool

girl-scoutsCongratulations to Girl Scout Troop 21961. Beretta was on hand to model the role of a Therapy Dog at their recent meeting. Dorabella White, Rachel Dugan, and Olivia Antonucci learned how Beretta offers emotional support to those in need. A $50 donation from Beretta’s Heart will be given to the Parents in Toto Autism Resource Center, located in Zelienople, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about:

Girl Scout Troop 21961

Ashley-HaumpyCongratulations to Ashley Haumpy, Manager of the Butler Comfort Inn & Suites, who attended a recent presentation on HR issues sponsored by the Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau. She won a $50 donation certificate from my Beretta’s Heart Fund which will be donated to the K-9 Dog Walk. The event was held April 3 at Memorial Park in Butler from 1-4 pm. The proceeds will be given to the Butler City K-9 officers, Gunner and Blade.

Learn more about:

Ashley Haumpy, Butler Comfort Inn & Suites

kline-hearth-certificateCongratulations to Donna Kline who attended my recent presentation at the Pittsburgh North Chamber of Commerce. She won a donation certificate from my Beretta’s Heart Fund that will be donated to Hearth. This organization, located in the North Hills, Pittsburgh PA supports survivors of domestic violence and encourages safe, affordable housing.

Learn more about:


Donna Kline

george-berettas-heart-donationCongratulations to George Payne of Federated Mortgage who attended my recent presentation at the Pittsburgh North Chamber of Commerce. He won a $50 certificate from the Beretta’s Heart Fund that he will donated to Treasure House Fashions. The nonprofit organization supports women in transition.

Learn more about:

George PayneFederated Mortgage

I work with Ann Gatty as a life and business strategist, helping me learn to prioritize and balance my personal and professional life.  Before working with her, my attention was scattered in many directions, and she helped me find focus and clarity for building my entrepreneurial business.  The most important result has been that I can stay laser- focused which leads to more profits for my newly created business.  I now make more money with less work because I am implementing the business systems she created, and I have an inner belief in myself.  If you are not sure which way to grow your business, take a leap of faith with the Gattys and learn what winning feels like.

Tonya EdingerOwnerWeddings of Pittsburgh

My organization worked with Dr. Ann Gatty for both the employees and the Board of Directors, each with different focus areas. Before working with Dr. Gatty for the employees, some of the issues we were facing was a lack of and/or misunderstanding of communication internally and focusing as a true team entity. Having Dr. Gatty work with the Board of Directors stemmed from both having a large number of new board members, as well as having leadership transition within the organization, causing there to be a need for better understanding of roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.

After the employee retreat, I see the employees actively using what was learned and discussed in our session with Dr. Ann as they work together and communicate with one another. The team spirit and functionality has improved internally, also. After the board workshop, the directors are much more engaged, and actually excited about making some changes,refreshing the governance documents, and restructuring the committees to become more of a working board, which is phenomenal for the organization.

Kierston HobaughExecutive Director, United Way of Butler CountyButler, Pennsylvania

Before working with Drs. Gatty, the managers in our business were not properly trained in the hiring and management of the staff. Since government regulations change rapidly, it is helpful to have Dr. Gatty advising on the current changes so that we can spend our time selling and servicing vehicles. Also, employee and management interaction has improved dramatically since we implemented the communications strategies recommended by Dr. Gene. Companies that are looking to improve the productivity of their staff would enjoy working with the Gatty’s.

Steffany L. McCaffertyControllerMike Kelly AutomotiveButler, PA

Huckestein is at a stage in our evolution where we need to formalize and document processes. The first department we decided to tackle was Human Resources. Gene redesigned our HR functions, creating processes, documents, systems, and roles for employees. The end result is an HR operation that functions like that of a much larger company with many more resources. Gene’s years of experience and pragmatic approach made the process enjoyable.

Wendy StasoPresident and CEOHuckestein Mechanical Services

I found Ann to be a very down to Earth coach who really helped me focus on how I wanted to mold my coaching style. She was excellent in helping me recognize my strengths and skill set. As a result I feel positive and more confident about how I can develop my career.

Sally Fendt

Self assessment can be challenging and overwhelming at times, but with this career workbook, completing the assignments provided great insight and rewards. I was able to craft a career plan that embraced my strengths and talents, and define how to best serve my clients.

Jennifer White, B2B Credibility

Ann Gatty has been working with me as we move from where I am now to where I would like to be in the future. She has kept me on track to reach my goals with encouragement and prodding when I needed it most. She has also become a raving fan of Pretzel Crazy, promoting my business at everything from networking groups to  her clients and other community resources.  I would encourage any small business owner to work with Dr. Gatty at the beginning of their journey into entrepreneurship as well as along the continued path to success.

Sheri PowellOwnerPretzel Crazy

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