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Most recent: Why Your Company’s Vision Statement Matters

Dr. Ann Gatty describes how an organization’s vision statement offers direction for a company’s development. Goals should be set based on the vision for the future trajectory of the company.

Finding the Passion You Never Lost

Dr. Ann Gatty demonstrates that the passion you are seeking may be the passion you are ignoring. Thinking about how you spent your time as a child and how you spend your leisure time may give you clues. What you do with your passion is up to you.

Staying Motivated

Dr. Ann Gatty offers a simple solution for staying motivated through times when you may lose your focus and momentum. The four step process will keep you moving to reach your target and accomplish your goals.

Beretta’s Advice on Leadership

Dr. Ann Gatty shares what she has learned about leadership strategies from her Great Dane Therapy Dog, Beretta. Through their work with hospitals and organizations he knows how to connect with people and how organizations need such positive employee engagement.

Why You need a business plan

Dr. Ann Gatty describes how a well-crafted business plan can be a great asset for a business leader. She delineates three ways a business plan can boost your business growth and profitability.


Interview with MaturePreneurial’s Elaine Benoit.

Elaine-BenoitElaine Benoit, aka “the chick behind the microphone!” interviews Dr. Ann for Elaine’s regular podcast on June 14 2017.

Dr. Ann Gatty Unleashes Leadership Strategies so Clients Soar to Success!

Dr. Ann was interviewed by Pat Alvator for the November, 2016 issue of  Soar to Success Magazine. In the interview, Dr. Ann describes how she went from developing education programs at Colonial Williamsburg and teaching organizational leadership on the college level to creating her Strategic People Solutions consulting business. She shares which specific character traits provide a powerful impact in your career development.  And she provides the insights learned from her Great Dane therapy dog.  “Instead of teaching about leadership—I wanted to teach individuals to be leaders.”