We are excited to offer innovative workshop presentations tailored to meet the needs of our business clientele. In this changing workplace environment, with business leaders handling more challenging and complex issues, we offer simple, clear solutions.

We offer business planning solutions, team building solutions, and a canine’s advice on getting along with others.

Our interactive workshop presentations are straightforward, based on years of experience with a strong commitment to make you the best you can be. Let us help you build your business to work brilliantly. And of course, each  is custom tailored to address your specific professional needs.

Most Requested Topics

How to Build an Inclusive Culture

In our competitive business environment, company leaders find it difficult to continue
trimming costs or raising prices. In this workshop, learn how to unleash the potential of your
workforce by including them in the decision making process. Learn specific techniques to implement and
transform your workplace into a happier, productive environment where everyone is proud
to participate.

How to Build an Employee Development Program that Pays Dividends.

Do you find it difficult for your company to dedicate time and money to employee training?
Do you question whether training will improve productivity? In this interactive workshop,
learn the benefits of implementing an ongoing training program can bring to your business.
And, use Dr. Ann’s simple format to create your own customized employee L & D program.

Embrace the Pack

Dogs naturally understand how to be a part of a productive pack. They instinctively
recognize different breeds, learning styles and communication preferences. Humans tend to
think that we all learn, play and work the same. In this fun, entertaining and interactive
workshop, Beretta shares how appreciating other learning styles and communication
preferences can eliminate conflict and drama at work. These doggone simple and effective
strategies will get all your pups organized and running in the same direction.

Playing Nice with Others

No more growling, nipping or begging at work. Having a staff that gets along well and is
able to communicate can positively impact employee retention and productivity. In his most
popular workshop, Beretta demonstrates how leaders can develop strong relationships using
these four initiatives to immediately boost respect and productive teamwork.

Jump Start with Beretta, an interactive workshop series

Beretta Can teach your employees new tricks!  When you bring this 4-session program to your organization, you will watch your workplace transform!  Here are the 4 session topics of this series!

  • Rally Around Your Purpose
    Does everyone in the workplace understand why your company exists?  Do they communicate this message in the way they treat clients?  In this session, we focus on clarity of purpose and respect.
  • How Dogs do Community
    Dogs naturally understand the pack mentality and work as a team. How do your employees collaborate?  In this session, we design strategies to build a highly productive, positive and cooperative workforce.
  • Focus on the Moment
    Dogs live in the present.  They don’t worry about yesterday or fret about tomorrow.  They stay focused on now.  In this session, we focus on mindfulness and eliminate distractions that waste valuable time.
  • Working from Strength  
    Dogs naturally use their strengths to navigate through their worlds.  Do your employees work from their strengths?  In this session, we show how staff can customize their work systems to get more stuff done well.

Engage A Gatty

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