Staying Motivated: Follow These 4 Steps

Motivation isn’t magic. There is no wand that can be waved, but I have crafted a solution. Actually it’s a four step solution. Four steps, that when followed, can help you maintain a positive attitude and move closer to reaching your finish line.

Step One: Set a goal.

In this step we are not using a broad brush stroke in describing our goal. We are moving away from describing a goal in general terms, such as finishing your web redesign, or filling a new job position for your company. I mean describing it in detail including visualizing what it will feel like to achieve it. Achieving the goal brings you that feeling of satisfaction, knowing you actually met it. What will it feel like to have a redesigned website that included a lot of hard work—proud, relieved? Or finding that new hire— excited to have a new team member? When you lack motivation, it may be that you need to rethink your goal and clarify exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Step Two: Make a list of why you want to achieve the goal.

The why’s are really important. “Why” is included in forming the goal in the first place. Give yourself at least 3 reasons why this goal is important. Be clear. Be objective. Be honest. As you work toward your goal and handle the bumps along the way, you may need to remind yourself—everyday—why you need to keep moving forward to accomplish your goal.

Step Three: List exactly how you are going to reach the goal.

Be detailed, sequenced and specific. All projects can be broken down into sub-steps. List each task of the project so you can track your progress— which also helps you stay motivated.

Step Four: Have a buddy.

In the military, every soldier has a battle buddy. Someone with whom to share and watch each other’s backs. With your work, find your own battle buddy. Someone with whom you can share your progress and keep you accountable. That buddy also can remind you of your “why’s.” If you need help staying motivated, or need your own battle buddy, give me a call at 855-284-4448. I can help you set up your goals and help you stay motivated through the process. And also, visit our website for more useful information. We build businesses to work brilliantly.

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Dr. Ann Gatty is president of Strategic People Solutions, a business consulting firm, helping businesses add value-assets to their businesses. For the past twenty years she and her husband, Gene, have been providing leadership development programs, business implementation strategies, and solving HR employment issues. Ann has recently created The Business Sphere of Excellence® a strategic business planning model used to construct annual and long range business plans helping businesses run more efficiently and profitably. Dr. Ann Gatty is an expert in understanding and creating a diverse workplace culture. She currently focuses on improving workplace productivity, leadership development and women entrepreneurs.
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