Five Ways We Measure Your Business Success

We  are often asked to review an existing company’s basic operations and services to see what improvements we might suggest to boost sales and generate higher profits.  We also look at the workplace culture to suggest ways to improve the work environment.  We developed this checklist that is useful in determining the level of success a company is experiencing and how our firm might help.  There are five elements that seem to be very informative when we look at an organization’s overall business health.  If you lead a company, or are considering starting a new venture, this checklist is for you.

You Have a Steady Stream of Referrals
• 83% of satisfied customers are willing to make a referral, only 29% actually do.
• Home grown, unique brands have a distinct advantage over their competitors.
• When we work with businesses, we offer connections to other businesses, which become referrals.

You Have Systems in Place, So You Don’t Have to Do Everything
• Your systems create revenue, so you work on the business, not for the business
• You’ve identified what functions you can outsource, or hire staff to handle them.
• In business planning, we identify business leaders’ high-payoff activities to grow their businesses.

Your Marketing Works
• Marketing is the voice of your business, and you have established a consistent message.
• Marketing is multi-faceted and should be a combination of strategies to communicate your message.
• We help business leaders position their companies to create uncontested market space.

You are Considered an Expert in Your Industry
• Local organizations ask you to speak about the trends in your industry.
• The media consider you as an authority, offering a perspective going beyond selling a product.
• As we work with clients, we match them with organizations that promote their industry expertise.

You Constantly Look for Ways to Improve Your Services.
• A healthy business culture embraces innovation and continuous improvement.
• Businesses that succeed are always looking for ways to improve customer service.
• We build businesses and leaders that work brilliantly, thinking outside the box.

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Download Five Ways We Measure Your Business Success as a pdf

Dr. Ann Gatty is president of Strategic People Solutions, a business consulting firm, helping businesses add value-assets to their businesses. For the past twenty years she and her husband, Gene, have been providing leadership development programs, business implementation strategies, and solving HR employment issues. Ann has recently created The Business Sphere of Excellence® a strategic business planning model used to construct annual and long range business plans helping businesses run more efficiently and profitably. Dr. Ann Gatty is an expert in understanding and improving the workplace culture which is fundamental for implementing any successful strategic initiatives. In order to better explain the importance of employee engagement, Ann partners with Beretta, her Great Dane therapy dog to present her key findings.
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