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Boost Your Leadership Development
Our Wise Dog Can Teach Your Employees New Tricks….and Boost Profits.

Leadership Unleashed Beretta Leadership Unleashed offers uncanny advise for any business owner trying to boost the productivity and connectivity with it’s workforce.  For the past six years or so, our business consulting practice has gone to the dogs, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love what we do and the particular way in which we approach our work with organizations. So, Dr. Ann Gatty decided to co-author a book with her canine companion, Great Dane, Beretta, to share what we have learned from this particular “breed” of consulting.

We believe that by understanding the background of Beretta’s life and therapy dog training, his story and his natural intelligence will provide inspiration for other leaders to follow suit, thereby changing–and even revolutionizing–their respective work environments.  Beretta continually amazes us with his wisdom, emotional support for others, and gentle demeanor. Truly, he has enhanced Dr. Ann’s ability to work with her business clients and design solutions for even the most complex organizational issues. Seeing the world through Beretta’s eyes has enabled her to devise simple, straightforward approaches to creating collaborative workplaces where respect, trust and teamwork are integral parts of the equation.
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