A Leadership Development Workshop Series

leadership skills aquired with coaching

We believe that continuing  leadership development  is an essential part of maintaining a quality workforce that keeps the business resilient and competitive.  As you know, the people who work with you are the most important asset your business possesses.

Each individual has hidden talents and abilities that often go untapped and, therefore, unused.  In this era of  where the quality talent pool is shrinking, talent acquisition and retention is central to a company’s ongoing survival.

Leadership development is becoming a vital component to ensure talent retention, boost employee engagement, inspire teamwork, and improve effective leadership capabilities.

Presenting Our Leadership Sphere of Excellence® Program:


Know Thyself and Others, Too

We find that people are not always aware of the unique personality traits they possess that can be used to improve their leadership capacity.  Before leading others, you have to be able to lead yourself.  We provide a personality assessment that provides you with a close look at the traits you bring to the table.  The assessment identifies the ways you  gather information, make decisions and derive energy from the work environment. Your personality traits are the foundation upon which you design your unique leadership style.

  1. First you complete the personality assessment to identify an understanding of your natural personality style preference. You will learn more about how a person’s style influences the way they direct, delegate, develop, and coach others.
  2. From this information, you have the opportunity to apply communication strategies for the improvement of your working relationships and directing performance in real life situations.  In the next session, we review the experience to delineate what was learned.

Understand Your Unique Leadership Style

Your leadership style is a blend of experiences you bring to the table, your leadership competencies and your personality traits.  The context in which you lead defines how you blend experiences, competencies and personality.  .  Your leadership style is portrayed by your modeling behavior and how your serve others.  In this leadership development workshop we focus on communication, inclusion and execution.

  1. We present 7 leadership competencies that research has  identified as being embraced by leaders. We examine these competencies in real life context and consider why certain competencies are more effect in different situations.
  2. The goal of this workshop is to provide you with leadership competencies that you can practice in the workplace to become familiar with which ones are your preferred competencies to blend with your personality traits for best results.

Develop Teams that Work

As a leader, you will be managing and directing teams.  Here we provide you with a team activity to experience the dynamics of coming together to solve a problem.  From that experience you will identify the keep components of successful teamwork.

  1. You will experience constructive, team-oriented problem solving.
  2. You will improve their efficiency and effectiveness in both individual and group decision-making

Reward Performance Improvement

We model leadership coaching, so that you can use these strategies to create a productive time management strategy.  This strategy focuses on the important/urgent matrix, and helps participants determine their specific high and low payoff activities.  Through practice they learn to establish realistic priorities which provide more efficient time management in both work responsibilities and personal commitments.

  1. You will learn easy prioritizing strategies to get work done.
  2. You will learn how to utilize leadership coaching when working with performance improvement.

Leadership Development Workshop Specifics:

  • Each workshop session is approximately 2 1/2 hours in duration.
  • All materials are provided, including workbooks, resource materials, and assessment instruments.
  • The workshop sessions can be presented onsite or virtually.
  • The 4 workshops can be presented individually, or in any combination to suit your organizational needs.
  • We can tailor these workshops to align with leadership training you have completed in the past or to enhance current performance incentives.

We believe your time is valuable.  We promise to deliver a strong return on your investment!


Let Dr. Ann or Dr. Gene expand the leadership capacity in your business today!

Talk with us about how we can customize the perfect leadership training for your team!  Our mission is to help you build your business with a team that can bring you to the next level!