Workplace Sphere of Excellence Program

Sphere of Excellence Program

Develop A Great Workplace Culture
Disgruntled employees are costing your company money and lowering profits!

  • The average cost to replace a salaried employee is 6-9 months of that salary.
  • 70% of Company operating costs are people-related.
  • Companies with weak employee engagement report an annual average of 6.19 sick days per employee.
  • Companies with positive employee engagement report an annual average of 2.69 sick days per employee

Our 4-session Sphere of Excellence Program Improves Your Bottom Line.

Session 1: Create Deep Alignment

In this session our mission is to get your entire company working on the same page. It’s time to put the spark back in the day. From this session you will witness the following results:

  • Get your entire company focusing toward the same goal
  • Define how all tasks contribute to a big win
  • Witness a drop in employee absenteeism and employee turnover.
Session 2: Collaborate and Conquer

Here our mission is to show how to build thriving teams that crush obstacles and deliver results on time and on budget. No more bickering and name blaming allowed. From this session you will witness the following results:

  • Lower conflict in the workplace
  • Smooth project management techniques to complete the assignment on time and under budget
  • A more supportive motivating style of communication
Session 3: Now-time

Being focused on what’s happening now without distractions from yesterday’s events or tomorrow’s possibilities is a huge time-save. Quality work skyrockets. From this session the following results occur:

  • Employees can spend more time on high payoff activities.
  • Big picture goals are more commonly understood.
  • The workplace is calmer.
Session 4: Productively Different

Each employee brings a diverse set of skills, abilities and talents to the workplace. Combining these talents creates the opportunity for more innovative problem solving that confronts companies. In this module, the participants will:

  • Identify ways to incorporate diversity in their daily operations
  • Foster increased mutual respect among employees
  • Celebrate the diverse employee talent

Investing in this program will boost your profits.

  • According to the Workplace Research Foundation, increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee, per year.
  • The Deloitte 2016 Human Capital Trends Report finds that 82% of respondents believe culture is a competitive advantage, yet few are addressing it..
  • Only about 25% of business leaders have an employee engagement strategy: You have a strong competitive advantage over the other 75% of companies who don’t have a strategy.


This Program Was Inspired by Beretta

Working with clients over the years, we found ourselves using examples of Beretta, our Great Dane therapy dog’s work, on an increasingly frequent basis. He displays the characteristics we instill in corporate cultures—from positive teamwork to mindfulness. These experiences provide amazing humorous and non-threatening insights that help employees absorb and assimilate these traits with transforming results.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Each workshop session lasts 2 hours.  These sessions are usually scheduled in a weekly sequence.
  • Written materials accompany each session for future reference.
  • Sessions can be presented via video presentations and recorded for future viewing.
  • BONUS: All participants receive a copy of Leadership Unleashed: A Great Dane’s Wisdom for the Business World.

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