Virtual HR Management

Virtual Human Resources ManagementAs a business owner, you are busy overseeing the growth and development of the company.  With growth comes hiring and managing staff.  Let us lend a hand as your HR management solution.  The current  Human Resources function within organizations is rapidly changing.  As business owners compete for quality talent, they are discovering the importance of employee engagement and collaboration. In addition, businesses need to stay compliant with ever-changing governmental regulations.

As a business owner, you feel the stress and the pressure in finding the right people to hire and integrating them into the workplace culture.  This is where we can help.  We have clients who prefer us virtually managing the HR  responsibilities for their companies. We have the experience to establish best practices for your company and monitor the staffing.

Here’s What We Offer As Your HR Management Team

  • identify your staffing needs and tasks to delegate
  • craft a customized employee manual
  • establish a hiring process that can include any of the following tasks
    • administering employee assessments
    • creating job descriptions
    • handling the job search process
    • establishing employee evaluation systems.
  • write an onboarding manual and assist in handling the onboarding process
  • monitor staffing work quality and workplace culture
  • act as an arbitrator in any conflict resolutions situations
  • assist with continuous staff training needs.

You have a business to run and your time is valuable.  Let us help with the HR tasks.  We know best staffing practices, for both brick and mortar and online businesses.  We also know the laws governing business operations.  So we can save you time, money and keep you safe from labor disputes.

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We’re great at creating systems by which your staff can work well and your business can thrive. The wrong staffing decisions can cause nightmares. We provide the remedy, just give us a call.  It’s free, no obligation.