Human Resources at Your Business

Human Resources ConsultantsWe know that one of the most difficult parts of expanding your business is onboarding effective team members to support your efforts.  This is the Human Resources part of the business, and we’ve got you covered.  Whether you are a brick and mortar company, or an online business, finding the right people to perform the right tasks can be overwhelming.

With our experience in HR, we protect your business dream from becoming a nightmare.  Finding the right talent, giving them the right training, building loyalty, and developing their skills to move your business forward is our promise.

  • We end your endless employment revolving door syndrome.
  • We teach you how to project manage your team to get work done correctly and on time.
  • We keep you out of trouble with government compliance issues.
  • We build company loyalty.

Virtual Services

We can do it all for you. We remotely manage all HR responsibilities for your company, which include helping with hiring, creating written documents, monitoring employment issues and establishing record files. We also assist with future team expansion strategies.

Virtual HR Management

Human Resources System

We have a step-by-step process to work with you in establishing all of the Human Resources functions, from hiring to monitoring, to record keeping. All systems are created  for you to manage moving forward.

HR Management System

HR Manuals

We create and update manuals, including hiring, onboarding, employee policy manuals, and procedures manuals. All written manuals are customized for easy use and they are updated to keep you safe with government compliance.

Employment Manuals

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With out expertise, the team you hire to develop your business and implement your services, will work brilliantly! By implementing our recommendations, we save our clients thousands of dollars from legal fines.