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We offer a variety of services and materials to help business owners find inspiration and expand their business development.

Consulting Services

  • Leadership Development. for individual professionals and organizations.
    • Development coaching packages are contracted for 6-12 months and involve twice-monthly meetings
    • Meetings can occur online or in person.
    • In addition to individual sessions, we offer group workshops via Zoom or in person.
  • Business Planning.for micro and small businesses
    • Business Sphere of Excellence use our proprietary tool that simplifies your core business processes
    • One Day Strategic Makeover. an intensive management workout session to identify pressing issues and their solutions
  • Human Resources.  We assist businesses  in improving employee relation that improve positive business development.
    • Virtual HR Management. we manage all your HR services remotely, think of us as your HR concierge,
    • HR Management. System. We establish the HR infrastructure your business needs and then you take control.
    • Employment Manuals.  We create the three critical customized to your organization that will keep you compliant with government regulations.  These include:
      • Hiring
      • On-boarding
      • Employee Policies
      • Procedures.

    Online Resources

    • Blog Trending Ideas.  Drs. Ann and Gene’s take on business development trends and how to solve workplace issues.
    • Dr.-Ann-Gatty-website-badge2Building Businesses to Work Brilliantly. Join Dr. Ann as she hosts Building Businesses to Work Brilliantly. She presents two episodes each month which assist leaders with creating, growing, sustaining profitable business enterprises. my web-based video program on Pittsburgh BizTV.
    • Dr. Ann’s business blog, at All


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