1-Day Strategic Makeover

Concept of innovation in businessThe Intensive 1-Day Strategic Makeover  is a management workout session.  We use this intensive problem-confrontation meeting to identify pressing issues within the company, and then propose solutions.  During this engagement we complete our 6 Step Strategic Growth Audit, review the findings, and create an effective strategic makeover.  We organize our makeover around the functions of our Business Sphere of Excellence® implementation model:

  • mission/vision
  • marketing strategies
  • sales conversion strategies
  • operating procedures
  • product and service development
  • financial monitoring and payment systems


During our Intensive 1-Day Strategic Makeover, we first identify the areas within the business where money is being drained, and second, where business strategies are mismatched with the current economic environment.   We will determine the causes such as missing strategic sales opportunities, mismatched employee talent with operational tasks, or time wasting operational processes.  By identifying where the company’s financial loss occurs, we delineate  how to correct the situation so the company can experience accelerated business growth.  In other words, through this  intensive assessment and makeover process, companies will identify money-losing areas and potential profit-growing opportunities.  Completion of this process results in:

  • Creating business strategies that improve company growth and development
  • A better match between employee talent resources and their task assignments. This improves production and reduces employee turnover.
  • Integrating innovation into the daily organizational process.
  • Identifying areas of potential growth and added value, while shifting focus from less profitable products and systems.

We believe your company’s best days are still ahead.  And we believe you have great, untapped employee talent waiting to be discovered.  Our team keeps all information confidential during the 1-Day Strategic Makeover.  And, we request that the organization’s leadership be present during our involvement.

We administer the 1-Day Strategic Makeover either in person or via video conferencing.  The workshop hours  are flexible, based on the Organization’s schedule.

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