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How to Become a Better Leader Overnight

Becoming a better leader is an easy path to chart. By staying focused on your purpose, consistently communication your message in an honest way and demonstrating your own self-belief pays impressive dividends.

Professional Development, Leadership
3 Habits to Transform from a Good Leader into a Great Leader

Great leaders keep learning, are of service to others, and communicate where they are going with clarity.

Professional Development, Leadership
Why Great Leaders Are Perpetual Learners

Great leaders are perpetual learners. They learn from others and continuously experiment to find solutions to challenges before them

Professional Development, Leadership
5 Essential Leadership Qualities That Strengthen Your Influence

In this article, I list five essential leadership qualities that I wish I had learned earlier in my career.

Professional Development, Leadership
Creating Smooth Transitions In Life and At Work

When maximized and leveraged appropriately, transitions are strategic opportunities to exploit our best developed skills, knowledge and abilities and then, take advantage of our next life chapter.

Professional Development, Leadership
Our Wise Dog Can Help You Build a Great Leadership Culture

Building a great leadership culture is a rewarding experience for any individual working within an organization.

Workplace Culture, Leadership, Employee Engagement
Why We Need a New Training Model for Talent Retention

Here is a 5-step training model to use when revising an employee learning and development program and boost your talent retention.

Workplace Culture, Professional Development, Employee Engagement
Build a Successful Career Journey Using a Professional Development Plan

The best way to craft a successful career journey is to create your own personalized, professional development plan. Here is a strategy to follow.

Leadership,Professional Development, Employee Engagement
How Your Business Plan Can Communicate Your Vision

A strategic business plan needs to be a set of instructions that clearly describes the business vision for the future and how the staff will move the business forward to get there.

Leadership,Business Strategy, Business Growth
Maintaining Clear Thinking at Work

To maintain high quality productivity and clear thinking, these three effective work strategies need to be practiced regularly.

Leadership,Employee Engagement, Workplace Culture
Create a Dream Team to Reach Your Business Vision

Having a great team comes down to having the right people in the right position, by hiring well and communicating accurately.

Leadership, Dream Team, Workplace Culture
Sometimes the Right Business Strategy Requires You to Shoot for the Moon

When is the right time to make a change in your business strategy? Must all the stars be aligned? How will you know that it’s the right time?

Leadership, Business Strategy, Company Vision
Understanding the Role of HR in a Small Business

Did you know that the role of HR is intertwined in all aspects of your business? Small business professionals benefit greatly by assessing their HR responsibilities.

HR, Employee engagement, Workplace culture
Self-confidence Boosts Workforce Success

Here are ways leaders can guard against self-doubt overwhelming the attitude of the workforce. Consider these strategies to replace self-doubt with self-confidence.

Leadership, Employee engagement, Workplace culture
3 Simple Habits to Stop Worrying

If you find that worrying has taken too much control of your attention, then consider these three strategies to reduce your worrying.

Leadership,Life Balance, Workplace culture
How Your Company Culture Affects the Bottom Line

A company culture needs to be consciously constructed and nurtured to provide positive profitable results for your business

Company Culture, Employee engagement, Teamwork, Workplace culture
Talent Management Is a Secret Ingredient for Online Business Success

Here are some major benefits of building a talent management system in your online business.

Employee engagement, Teamwork, Workplace culture
Teamwork is Strengthened by Utilizing Different Breeds of People

Teamwork is a common ingredient in the work environment. To create effective teams, diversity plays a role. Like canines, humans possess different traits.

Employee engagement, Teamwork, Workplace culture
A Business Growth Blueprint

Positive business growth needs to be monitored and nurtured as the organization rapidly moves through each calendar year. Here is a blueprint for leaders to follow.

Business Growth, Business Systems, Business Strategy
Creating a New-Hire Onboarding Program

The objective for the new-hire onboarding program, is to make certain that the new employee succeeds at his/her job and is a contributing member of the organization.Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a successful experience.

Employee Training, Productivity, Workplace culture
Avoiding Business Personality Disorder

If a person encountered your business via three different situations, would they encounter a single personality three times, or a different personality with each experience? This is Business Personality Disorder. To avoid BPD, a company must create a singular brand message that reinforces the overall value it delivers to its customers on a consistent basis.

Communication, Marketing, Workplace culture
4 Ways that Leaders Can Inspire Positivity at Work

Dr. Ann Gatty describes 4 ways that leaders can inspire their workforce and embrace a more positive environment for higher quality productivity.

Leadership, Productivity, Workplace culture
How to Create Your Leadership Brilliance

Dr. Ann Gatty describes 5 competencies that leaders should embrace to create their unique brilliance and inspire a workforce to achieve high levels of success.

Leadership, Business strategy
Monitoring Your Business Progress

In business organizations, there are processes that must be monitored to avoid gaps in the sequence. Here are three examples of how leaders need to Mind the Gap in the organization’s processes.

Business Growth, Productivity, Business strategy
Daring to Fail

Innovation can add value to the bottom line of an organization. But leaders must be willing to try and sometimes fail to move ahead.

Leadership, Workplace Culture
Understanding Changing Consumer Expectations

How are you training your employees to recognize changing consumer expectations? Consumers today expect convenience, and immediacy. Quality customer service is an important ingredient in a company’s recipe for success.

Employee training, Communication, Sales strategy
Business Growth Advice: What We Learned from Growing Tomatoes

Dr Gene Gatty advises that healthy business growth has a lot in common with growing healthy tomatoes.

Business Growth, Productivity, Business Strategy
Putting People in the Right Jobs

Dr Ann Gatty provides easy steps for creating a hiring process that allows business owners to put people in the right job positions. Avoid costly mistakes by implementing this easy to use system.

Workplace Culture, Productivity, Employee Training
Five Ways We Measure Business Success

When we are asked to review a company’s operations, there are five elements that seem to be very informative when we assess an organization’s overall business health.

Business Strategy, Leadership, Business Planning
A Strategy to Boost Your Training Results

As business leaders, we know the value of employee training programs. But, have you ever considered why some of these training programs are more successful than others? Here are some insights.

Employee Engagement, Employee training, Productivity, Workplace Culture
The Art of Journaling

Journal writing has many purposes and can be a significant aid in making changes in one’s life. Here is a step-by-step process to start the process.

Productivity, Professional Development, Time Management
Creating Effective Business Strategy

An effective business strategy is an action plan that coordinates the efforts of your well-crafted business model. It is the organic, fluid set of activities that will coordinate the efforts used in your areas of marketing, sales, operations, product development, and finances.

Business Strategy, Leadership, Strategic Planning
Getting Employees Engaged

Here are Three tips to get your employees engaged and move your company forward.

Employee engagement, Leadership, Workplace culture
Ten Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Here are ten tips for emerging entrepreneurs to incorporate in their business development to navigate through the rough times and create a smooth sailing future.

Leadership, Entrepreneurship
Staying Motivated: Follow These 4 Easy Steps

There is no wand that can be waved for staying motivated, but we have crafted a solution. It’s a four step solution, that when followed, can help you maintain a positive attitude and move closer to reaching your finish line.

Productivity, Process Improvement
Feel for Success

As a small business owner, you need to be passionate about what you are doing. Passion will be the driving force that keeps entrepreneurs moving forward.

Leadership, Small Business
Building a Workplace Culture Where Success is a Way of Life

How can an organization create a positive workplace culture that successfully meets corporate goals? We suggest you follow our Great Dane Therapy Dog’s 6 tips.

Leadership, Workplace Culture
Using Your Company’s Compass and Finding Your True North

Defining a company’s True North becomes the essential foundation for establishing a profitable business, by setting the directional focus.

Leadership, Business Strategy
The Benefits of Building a Business Plan

Smart leaders know that following a written business plan is essential for growing a prosperous company. The document provides direction and strategies to keep the business moving forward. Here are three ways that a business plan provides positive benefit for your organization.

Leadership, Business Strategy
The Challenging Side of Entrepreneurship

The challenging side of entrepreneurship is often overlooked, because the opportunities for being your own boss and blazing your own trail seem so inspiring. Yet, starting a new business is hard, even if you bring a healthy amount of experience to the table. Here is advice from an expert.

Leadership, Entrepreneurship
Documenting Business Operating Procedures

Writing your business procedures may be one of the most essential ways to save time, money and add value to your bottom line. Here are tips to create clear process instructions.

Business Systems, Process Improvement
How to Develop a Business Strategic Plan

Building a business strategic plan does not need to be complicated, but there are fundamental decisions that must be made.Such a plan is an important tool for leaders, keeping the business focused, disciplined and growing.

Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Leadership
In Search of a Company’s Core Values

When business leaders look to define the core values that their company embraces, it is important to look further than identifying from a list of terms, those values that seemingly fit.

Leadership, Core Values
Servant Leadership is a Winning Strategy

Servant leadership is the idea that in order to be an effective leader, one must be willing to serve his/her followers.

Leadership, Business Strategy
How An Engaged Culture Is Paramount for Continued Business Profitability

Companies whose strategic goals are clear and whose engaged cultures strongly support those goals, possess huge advantages in the marketplace.

Workplace Culture, Business Strategy
Entrepreneurial Leadership Tips

5 entrepreneurial leadership tips to keep your business on track as it evolves.  These tips remind you that leadership includes not only helping employees believe in you but also helping employees believe in themselves and their own competencies.

The Power of Not

But, what is it that causes us to get up every morning and trot off to a job that we don’t like, maybe working with people we don’t like, supporting a business mission we don’t believe in? It’s the power of “not.”

Does Your Business Need a Rewind?

We all know what has been happening to businesses, large and small, due to the volatile economy over the past several years! And many business owners have struggled just to stay financially afloat. More hours are spent just trying to make ends meet. Stress levels are up. So why are we suggesting that you take a step back at this difficult time…

Business Planning, Legal
Creating a Learning Organization

In order to keep current with your industry’s newest products and processes as well as understanding what is happening on the economic landscape, your organization must rely on new insights and increased knowledge of your workforce…

Business Planning, Communication
Beating Procrastination

Sometimes we would rather just put things off. Sometimes we would rather ignore that stack of papers on our desk. And sometimes we would rather do something else. Why? Why can it be so easy to procrastinate? Here are some tips for beating procrastination.

Productivity, Time Management
It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal

Many of our clients are finding that the corporations for which they work are requiring that the different franchise facilities, branch offices, and business suites be constructed to look identical so that consumer recognition of the corporate brand is established. However, each individual business owner still must present a unique selling message.

Coping with Job Burnout

Are you experiencing job burnout? Job burnout can sneak up on us over time and we don’t even realize it. If you are exhausted all the time, or you feel that no one appreciates your work, or that trying to make a difference is just a waste of time…

Productivity, Time Management

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