The master class, Get Things Done that Matter, definitely was a great value for the money for three mission-critical reasons. First, it provides tools that will allow me to break planning down into manageable, achievable and trackable segments. Second, the course turned the notion of a business plan from “historical document” to a living, evolving entity. Third, it can be difficult to set aside the time to plan. This course has a nice balance of assignments and participatory class sessions that that made it accessible and enjoyable making it easier to set aside the time. This class would be useful for anyone looking to run a successful business or organization.

Elizabeth BlakelyOwnerLink to Visibility

Through the GET THINGS DONE THAT MATTER Master Class series, I was able to transform my business operations into a more focused implementation process with clear goals that move my business to the next level.Having the 90-day productivity system in place allows me to open a second revenue stream to serve a new market!


The online class was fun and well worth the time and money.

Tracy Armstrong, Pittsburgh North Greeting Company

I contracted with Ann Gatty on the recommendation of a close business connection for assistance in fine-tuning new processes for changes in my business operations. After only three months of engagement, Ann was not only able to assist me with my new processes, but also reaffirmed marketing efforts in my existing business operations, provided me an enhanced view of my ideal client, and offered guidance for better delivery of the mission of my business. Ann has been and will continue to be an excellent asset for development of my business.

Tiffany Nolan, i.e. Insurance

The staff at Northland Public Library work with patrons of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances every day. Good communication skills are critical to successful interactions with our patrons, funders and each other. Learning about different communication styles and corresponding techniques from Dr. Ann Gatty, during our staff development day was helpful to all of our library employees regardless of their position. Hands down everyone loved the Communications session with Beretta the most. They enjoyed having him in the room and felt his presence made everyone happier and better behaved. I had at least three requests that we get a dog for the library. Our staff enjoyed working through the communication style exercises, matching the different styles to the different techniques for communicating with them. They have learned some valuable communication techniques that will be useful whether working with coworkers or the hundreds of people who come through our doors every day. Even though our sessions didn’t focus on leadership, it was fun to see the unexpected leaders emerging from the group exercises. We even had someone who was able to overcome a fear of dogs. She was so proud, she sent photos of herself with Beretta to her family!

Amy Steele, Executive Director, Northland Public Library

Dr. Gene Gatty, with Strategic People Solutions, provided me with consultation services for my company’s successful start-up. He helped not only with identifying the strategic marketing needs for my company, but, he also helped me build much needed self-confidence.  Such confidence has helped me when presenting my ideas to clients and investors.   I selected this company based on its proven track record in the community and their genuine approach for helping others.

Doug Shirley, Owner, Walk the Walk

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