Dr. Gene Gatty

Gene_2013_headshotDr. Gene Gatty
 has served as a consultant and worked with corporate, educational and non-profit organizations for many years.  He has two principle interests:

  • leadership mentoring.
  • human resources and government compliance

By helping leaders develop successful strategic plans and then implementing successful organizational change Gene can help businesses maintain their competitive edge and reach the level of success they deserve. He has worked with business and individuals to:

  • develop individual leadership skills
  • solve human resource issues
  • improve organizational communication
  • develop successful strategic management plans

Gene’s interests directly support his other field of expertise, Human Resources and Compliance. His work has saved companies thousands of dollars He helps companies and organizations

  • keep up to date with government regulations and legal requirements
  • Develop employee manuals
  • develop human resource departments.
  • conduct personnel searches

coachbadgeDr. Gene is a former secondary school educator, administrator, superintendent and college professor.  He received his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh and was Superintendent of Schools for the Hazelton, Pa School District where he was awarded PA Superintendent of the Year Award.

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