Drs. Gatty and Strategic People Solutions

How We Evolved to Building Organizations from the Inside-out.

ann_gene_back_to_backWe have been business consultants for a variety of industries over many years.  Dr. Gene embarked on a career in public education before consulting for educational organizations in administrative efforts.  Dr. Ann embarked on a career in museum education before consulting for museums in non-profit management and programming.  So our backgrounds provide a melding of talents to assist with the growth and administration of small to medium size businesses.

We have partnered in leadership mentoring, organizational development, and strategic planning since 1999. Organizational problems may seem complex, but we believe the simpler the solution the better. And so the Business Sphere of Excellence® was born.  It is our proprietary strategic planning model used to develop short- and long-range business plans that can be efficiently implemented by leaders and employees throughout the company. With an easy 6 function matrix, daily operations and project development can be monitored without being overwhelming.  We also stand by our belief through working with numerous businesses and entrepreneurs, that the company is only as good as its people.  Everyone has to take ownership of the business progress. The company culture is the essential ingredient built around a set of shared core values that will make or break the organization’s success.

sphere-of-excellenceOur business has evolved over the years. Now we celebrate the peopling within organizations.  From individuals building a career to organizations making an impact on society, the company culture is the heart and soul of the organization.  Our mission is to inspire each individual to contribute talents and skills to an organizational cause greater than oneself.  We work with companies to design strategic people solutions for the challenges that the organization faces.  We design a strategic plan that a workforce can efficiently implement by blending their skills and expertise as they move the company forward.

To accomplish our mission, our services include

  • leadership mentoring
  • employee workshops
  • HR strategizing
  • strategic business planning

We have the relevant experience to teach and train, to mentor and guide, to highlight problems and provide creative corrective measures, and to celebrate the hidden talents business individuals didn’t realize they have.  In addition we now include the expertise of our Great Dane Therapy dog, Beretta.  For the past 4 years, he provides quality workshops for leaders and employees to build a cohesive and non-toxic work environment.

Building a great organization requires building from the inside out.   Building businesses to work brilliantly starts by identifying the company’s core values. When individuals are aligned with the values, they form a culture of shared meaning, which then can move toward a goal of shared vision.

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