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different types of people make business success

Celebrating Different Breeds of People at Work

Like canines, humans have many different types of personalities and represent many different backgrounds.  This diversity—cultural, religious, gender, race and sexual orientation among other differences—can create a wonderful work environment.  Diversity, personality styles, and background experiences should be celebrated in the workplace.  Utilizing individual differences in perspectives and skill sets can bring new ways to boost the company’s competitive edge and increase positive work productivity.

Here are 3 ways to increase the positive benefits of diversity in the workforce.

1. Practice Honest, Open Communication.

It starts with open and honest communication.  When teaming up with a colleague, ask how the other person works. For example, if your colleague wants to achieve inbox zero every day, email is probably not the best way to communicate. Bending to other people’s processes will position you as a team player.  Just like our canine friends, it is important in the work environment, that employees play well together. Get to know and respect how others work and are most productive.

2. Celebrate Innovation

With a diverse workforce, companies have many perspectives available to solve challenges that develop.  Different ways of looking at things and different skill sets available can provide opportunities for creative solutions and innovative strategies.  Celebrate such diverse ways of thinking by showcasing staff members who have come up with ways to save time and money, offer better customer service, or developed a better product solution to meet customer needs.

3. Be a Team Player

Finally, make certain that staff members remember that they’re on the same team. While the workplace can and should have multiple personalities and opinions, it’s easy to forget that everyone is working toward the same objective. Colleagues may not complete their tasks in the same way, but that should not cause divisiveness.  In the company culture, there should be one team, working toward the same goal, and, yes, strong opinions are the sign of a passionate team; just respect the differences, and be grateful you’re surrounded by people who care.

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assess your business celebrate success

Celebrate Your Business Success

As we get ready to close out our 2016 calendar year, it’s time to look at what we accomplished.  It’s again time for an After-Action Review.  Here are three key questions to consider as you review the year and make plans for our next calendar year.  Such review will help business leaders make informed decisions about what strategies to embrace to continue moving their company forward.  Don’t be too hard on yourself.  You worked hard, and regardless of the final outcomes, there were successful moments along the way that need to be celebrated and used as stepping stones for future growth.  What are your answers to the following questions?

  1. What did we intend to accomplish through business strategies?  List two of your greatest accomplishments in the first ten months of 2016 and two of your disappointments of 2016. Are these what you had intended to accomplish when you established your 2016 annual goals?
  2. What did we execute in our strategies?  What occurred that led you to achieve your greatest accomplishments?  Did you have a well-designed process that kept you on track?  Compare what you did that led to success and led to disappointment.
  3. What will we do to adapt our strategy or refine our execution for a better outcome OR how do we repeat our success?  Commit to corrective actions to exploit opportunities that arise, be realistic in work expectations, and become flexible to change when necessary.

One of the key benefits of conducting an After-Action Review is that lessons can be learned and can be linked to continuous improvement.  Employees feel more respected when their voices can be heard and when suggestions are taken seriously.  Being a part of an assessment process is helpful in maintaining an engaged business culture and a business focused on healthy and continuous growth.

Beretta Contributes Again

This month, Beretta’s Heart made a $50 contribution to Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania.  The organization, in cooperation with the Pittsburgh North Regional Chamber of Commerce, will hold its Bowl-a-Thon at the Family Bowlaway and Fun Center in Butler on Thursday, November 3rd from 7-9pm. .

Around and About

gatty-soar-to-successSoar to Success features Dr. Ann!

Dr. Ann Gatty is featured in this month’s Soar to Success Magazine. Read more at: soartosuccessmagazine.com/2016/November

Dr. Ann’s Biz TV show continues

building-business-thumbJoin Dr. Ann as she hosts Building Businesses to Work Brilliantly. She presents two episodes each month which assist leaders with creating, growing, sustaining profitable business enterprises. Tune in here: pittsburghbiztvshows.com/dr-ann-gatty/

Need a Speaker? Engage a Gatty!

ann_gene_back_to_backBoth Dr. Ann and Dr. Gene Gatty are available to present workshops, keynote addresses or informal presentations. Beretta also welcomes the opportunity to join in the fun. His award-winning book, Leadership Unleashed: A Great Dane’s Wisdom for the Business World is a complement to these presentations and is an excellent tool to re-enforce the messages communicated in these topics.

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