Virtual HR Department

virtual-Human-Resources-conceptThe current transformation of the Human Resources function within organizations is a natural extension of the broader changes occurring within business organizations.  As businesses compete more on their capabilities, relationships and innovative ideas, they are discovering the importance of employee engagement and collaboration. Businesses need to react quickly to change as it occurs and stay compliant with ever-changing governmental regulations.

The pressures and priorities HR departments face are simultaneously shaking the foundation of traditional practice and providing a catalyst for organizational re-invention.  And yet, many businesses do not have the time or staff to monitor such change.  This is where we can help.  We have several clients who prefer us to manage the Human Resources responsibilities for their companies.  Dr. Gene Gatty is an expert in HR issues.  He can establish best practices and monitor continuous employee issues by working with you to

  • design a customized employee manual
  • maintain employee relations for clients so any government regulation change can be implemented without any delay.
  • establish a new hire process that can include any of the following tasks
    • administering employee assessments
    • creating job descriptions
    • handling the job search process
    • establishing employee evaluation systems.
  • act as an arbitrator in employee conflict situations.

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Our HR consulting services are considered superior by our clients. By implementing our recommendations, we have saved our clients thousands of dollars in legal fines.