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Leadership Unleashed: A Great Dane’s Wisdom for the Business World

Ann Gatty Ph.D.

leadership-unleashed-coverLately, our business consulting practice, Strategic People Solutions, has gone to the dogs, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love what they do and the way in which they work with organizations. So, Dr. Ann Gatty decided to co-author a step-by-step guidebook with her canine companion, Great Dane, Beretta, to share what she has learned from this particular “breed” of consulting.

This book is titled, Leadership Unleashed, because we are getting at the heart of human inter-relationships. How people act and communicate with one another will make or break an organization and it is up to the leaders of the organization to monitor this. We are well aware that each individual is created with a unique set of skills, talents and abilities. We need to enable our employees to utilize what they bring to the table in the best way they know how. We need to unleash them to perform at their best using whatever skills, talents and abilities they possess. We ought to un-tether them from being micro-managed to trusting them and their judgments, and supporting them if and when mistakes are made. This is what “unleashing leadership” is all about. It’s building a workforce environment in which members of the organization look forward to coming to work, supporting one another for a cause they believe in. It’s about flourishing and prospering all for the great good of the community in which the organization lives and simultaneously inspiring those who call this workplace their own.

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Leadership Unleashed: A Great Dane’s Wisdom for the Business World: Kindle version

Ann Gatty Ph.D.


Fetch a Kindle copy of Leadership Unleashed Today!