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We offer a variety of services and materials to help business owners find inspiration and grow their businesses.

Consulting Services

  • Leadership Development. for individual professionals and organizations.  The core of their work is focused on learning—whether it is assisting individuals in on-the-job learning, web-based coaching, or helping organizations with employee training sessions.
  • Businesss Planning. we help guide and inspire the success of professionals of both entrepreneus and companies by helping you build and implement plans and roadmaps to grow your business and ensure continuous quality improvement.
  • Human Resource.  We assist business as they seek to establish or improve employee relations by providing virtual HR services, developing HR departments or creating employee manuals.

Online Resources

  • Articles and Whitepapers.  The Drs. Gatty have published dozens of whitepapers and articles on business planning, workplace development, entrepreneurship and more.
  • Newsletter. The Drs. Gatty publish. via email, a monthly newsletter for professionals seeking success in today’s fast-paced business world.
  • Books and materials for Purchase.  Gene and Ann have published a number of books, some of which can be purchased through Amazon.  They cover a range of topics including personal coaching, Christian business principles, healthy living, and career planning.
  • Dr.-Ann-Gatty-website-badge2Join Dr. Ann as she hosts Building Businesses to Work Brilliantly. She presents two episodes each month which assist leaders with creating, growing, sustaining profitable business enterprises. Building Businesses to Work Brilliantly, my web-based video program on Pittsburgh BizTV.
  • Dr. Ann’s business blog, at All Business

The Gatty’s are also available as your personal resource.

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