Succession Planning

Building Your Business for the Next Chapter

employee_engagementWe work with business owners who are building a business to earn money for today and build a better life for tomorrow. With our business planning expertise, we make certain that the business owner is consistently building a business that is the vehicle used to achieve the owner’s long term goals.

Business owners work hard building a company and should use the value created to ensure a comfortable retirement or a legacy for the next family generation. In other words, we help you build a business you can sell or a business you can leave to the next generation. Such business planning is called an exit strategy.

We help you avoid selling your company for less than it is worth or pay too much in capital gains taxes. Our exit planning strategy includes:

  • Developing a concise statement of business and personal goals
  • Determining a detailed market valuation for the business
  • Creating strategies to enhance the value of the business
  • Create a set of exit options such as family succession, management buyout or third party sales.
  • Create a road map that details the skills, abilities and goals of individuals who are being groomed to fill roles for the next management team.

We start the conversation about exit strategies at the beginning of our relationship with our clients. In other words, we build businesses with the end in mind. In that way we have a destination we will reach by creating a business serving an established niche adding value through its clearly delineated operations procedures, appropriate product/service lines to meet customer needs, and other assets including trademarks, licensures, patents, and capital equipment. Owners work hard to build their companies and deserve to harvest all the wealth they deserve.

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