Berettas Shares

beretta_formal_picBeretta is a seven year old Great Dane Therapy Dog.  He’s worked with thousands of individuals and military veterans in hospitals and organizational settings.  This gentle giant has learned priceless leadership lessons about respect and teamwork that helps humans learn to be more positively engaged and productive.

Beretta offers a slice of peace to the mix…in an era when organizations such as hospitals are handling more customers (or patients) in less time, spending more time on paper work, and battling the rising costs.

Beretta adds value that can’t be quantified…in an era when business goals are developed based on P&L statements.

We know that we are helping restore a relationship-centered business model.  We put the people back into the business equation and offer ways for individual fulfillment that doesn’t come from a paycheck or a product.
Through his many experiences this clever canine shares many life lessons working with others and creating a life filled with purpose.

Introducing the Workplace Sphere of Excellence Program

When you bring this 4-session program to your organization, you will watch your workplace transform!  Sessions include:

  • Building an aligned sense of purpose
  • building a team atmosphere
  • Focusing on the Moment
  • Promoting diversity

BONUS: All participants receive a copy of Leadership Unleashed: A Great Dane’s Wisdom for the Business World and have  a chance to win a $50 certificate from Beretta’s Heart that will be donated to a non-profit community organization of the winner’s choice.

Beretta’s Heart Gives Back….

Created in 2015, Beretta’s Heart is a charitable fund which supoprts non-profit organizations. When Beretta presents a workshop or assists Ann with a presentation a participants will win a $50 certificate from Beretta’s Heart donated to a non-profit community organization of the winner’s choice. See past certificate winners and the charities they selected.

Please contact us below and we can talk with you personally about creating a memorable experience for your employees!

Bring Beretta to your business

For more information about his book or to arrange this workshop series for your business please contact us.