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Gene Human Resources Video In this video Dr. Gene Gatty illustrates how many business owners struggle with the ever-changing Human Resources function of business. Click to see Dr. Gene's short HR presentationWatch the video to learn key HR strategies that can keep your business out of legal hot water.
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How Your Company Culture Affects Your Bottom Line

Building a positive, trusting, high-performance company culture takes time. This culture is the personality that your company projects to the public. Creating such an environment that is sustained over time,...

Talent Management is a Secret Ingredient of Online Business Success

A company needs talent management policies and procedures for the team members to maintain the company’s philosophy, and to keep compliant with government regulations.  Talent management, has over the years...
High Performance and Exploding ProfitsUse our Grow a High-Performance Workforce and Produce Exploding Profits checklist to evaluate your company’s current workforce engagement and create a winning company team. Download our Performance & Profits checklist today!Isn't it time to stop your revolving door in your hiring process?